Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not stand for Silly Elephant Orifices, Sound Emitting Oranges or Subtlely Enticing Ostriches.

Search Engine Optimisation is about ensuring your site contains the right textual content and is designed and built to ensure it appears prominently in search engines, as opposed to sponsored listings (PPC Marketing). We believe in using responsible methods to achieve this (White Hat SEO), avoiding spamming methods often employed by other less ethical SEO companies.

Ok, now we’ll explain this in English.

We’ll look at it from this perspective - websites have a 'front end', a 'back end' and the technical, nerdy code stuff. The front end being what the website consumers see, the back end being the area where text and images can be managed, and the technical, nerdy code stuff being the area where web designers, coders etc, work to make the website look awesome and where the SEO magic is created. In the back end is an area, or areas, where text can be added that is relevant to the site, for example if the site is about cheese, the area would contain the word 'cheese' and perhaps 'cheddar' 'blue' and 'stinky'. Ick. These are Search Engine Optimised words, because of their relevance to the cheese website, and this allows search engines, like Google, to scrabble around the world wide web when someone types these specific words into the search engine... it will pluck them from the 'front end' of the website and pop up in a search as a website that has information they have requested.

We then go around the web, telling as many websites and people as we can in a responsible manner, about what your site has to offer. You may have already been doing this without knowing it on Facebook and Twitter. Getting people to share your website on their social networking account is now one of the most important aspects the likes of Google look at.

We can do this SEO for you because we know how to do it effectively, efficiently and without wasting time. And boy, does it take time…

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