Empty Your Mind

workplace-stress-006We all get a bit too involved with our work sometimes, but it’s so important to keep your work and your home life, separate. Research has shown that people who stress about their work, or do extra work while at home, have poorer mental health than those who only solely focus on work while in the workplace. Here are some tips with how to leave your work behind you at the end of the day…

  • Treat your commute home as a time to wind down. Try playing your favourite music, maybe if you’re alone even sing along! And don’t rush; if you do, every little delay will wind you up or stress you out. Another tip is to not catch up on the news, this is generally depressing and is unlikely to pick your mood up.
  • If you need to rant or vent, do it in the privacy of your car, or take the long walk to the station so you can curse (silently!) to yourself. Make sure you’re not complaining as you walk in the door, that’s never a nice welcome.
  • Balance of work and familyIf you have a job where you actually have to take your work home with you, try and set an allotted time to work and stick to that schedule. Don’t over do it. Generally, the earlier the better, if you do it in bed before you fall asleep, it’s bound to be a load of nonsense in the morning!
  • One tip for making sure your work doesn’t get in the way of your relationships… is to make sure you pay full attention to whoever is waiting for you at home. Don’t let your mind wander elsewhere – it’s an insult. Plus, even tiny domestic matters can help keep your mind off work.
  • Funnily enough, try just washing your hands as soon as you get in. Psychologists in Michigan found that washing your hands can help you stop questioning your judgement and the nagging bits of information still preying on your mind. It’s supposed to help you ‘wipe away doubts and misgivings’ from the day. But hey, at least this means you get rid of all the germs you picked up on the public handrails!
  • 141222131348_1_900x600Finally, the simplest tip… TURN OFF YOUR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS! Whether it’s your work email or your blackberry, either stop checking business accounts, or turn it all off. Health professionals suggest to have at least 60 minutes of technology-free time before you go to sleep, which includes checking social networks! Hopefully this will improve the quality of sleep you get every night too.