Engaging your audience online

With the ever-changing face of social media it’s important to stay up to date with the newest trends, especially if you’re running a business. As much as great quality services and amazing customer services keeps a business in good shape, you still need a presence on social media to keep all of that going. After all, you want current customers to be able to connect with you plus new customers will be able to discover you. Here’s a quick guide on how to get your profiles to pack a punch online.

You may already have a website but its now important that you get on social media too as it gives you a platform to engage with your audience in a direct and more personable way. If you’ve already created yourself a profile on Facebook or Twitter, that’s great, but after starting a profile you need to dedicate time to it. There’s nothing worse than liking or following a dead page that is never updated. If you’re unsure about anything get a clued up friend or family member to show you the ropes, how to post, share and tweet.

Now that you’ve got your page going and you are starting to collect followers, its time to start thinking about what to post. Take a sneaky peak at pages similar to yours to see what they are posting and what works for them. Next, try and apply the methodology to your page and gage the reaction. What works for some might not work for others but it’s mostly a case of trial and error. As long as you keep your content interesting, relevant along with a light touch of humor you will keep your audience engaged with your business. Stay away from any opinionated posts based on politics, religion etc. as people will easily find the unlike button. Don’t worry about sounding boastful, it’s your business and you should feel proud to share your achievements.

As your skills grow, start to research so that you can keep up to date with what’s on trend. If you can find popular hashtags that ties in with your product or service it could potentially boost your posts and can get you more followers. It’s also important that you engage with people who post on your page. For instance if someone Tweets that they like your product tweet them back saying thanks, it starts a conversation that captivates your audience. To further this keep your customers in the loop with information such as if your opening hours change or if you hire a new member of staff. And if you’re feeling super generous you could hold competitions to gain more followers and get retweets.

Once you have mastered Facebook and Twitter you can move on to other social media such as Pintrest, Instagarm and Google Plus. The great thing about social media is that they are linkable as you can share posts across them all. For instance if you were to take a nice photo of your product on Instagram, with all its cool filters, you can then share it across Facebook. The only warning would be not to repeat too much content across all your profiles or it starts to get a bit boring.

Hopefully you now have a few new ideas on how to adapt social media to work for you and you will be able to find your own techniques. Persistence will always be key as you find your voice as you reap the benefits of a successful social media campaign.

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