Is it That Time of Light-year Already?

Duracell’s gloriously nerdy Christmas advert teaches us all about the power of imagination.

Well, the excitement of October 31st has officially passed, and that can only mean one thing… the emergence (or indeed bombardment) of Christmas adverts. They’re a sure sign that the holiday season will soon be upon us, and Duracell’s sci-fi themed example certainly does not disappoint. With the Force Awakens now only a matter weeks away, many of us may have forgotten how to function as adults: the advert is certainly enough to bring out the inner child within us all, and if it doesn’t get you excited for Christmas, at the very least it’s enough to make you want to grab a lightsabre and spaceship yourself into battle.

Here at Brainstorm we like to think that we know a thing or two about imaginative thinking. Creativity is something that is of great importance to us (the clue is in the name), and we pride ourselves on our ability to think outside of the box. Whether it’s when producing design work, finding solutions to our clients’ problems or whilst coding, our team of web-development Jedi’s have the power to inject life into any business.

So. If you’re ready to awaken the force within your business, the process is simple, and if you’re still yet to discover what we do? You’ve been looking in Alderaan places: you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far way to reach an expert team.

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