Support Local Businesses

StallsWe like local. We like the family feel of a community, and how everyone (at least in North Wales where we’re based) is willing to lend a hand to their neighbour. The same goes for business too; things are a lot more rewarding of you help out other local businesses, plus you’re bound to get help and business promotion in return. The Brainstormers are off to new business networking groups in the next few weeks, and we thought we’d come up with a list of exactly why local businesses should connect.

Increases Business

This is probably the most obvious benefit and the biggest reason company owners decide to join local business groups. The type of referrals you get from business networking events are usually high quality ones, and you have a good opportunity then to turn these leads into clients for your own business. So from a logical perspective you are getting much higher quality leads from these business events, than most other forms of marketing. With business networking events, you make sure your business is getting noticed. You’re getting your face known so now you can build up your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering useful information or tips to people who need it.

Enhanced Opportunities

Local-Business-Listing-Sites-India-750x422The opportunities within business networking are endless really, but include; joint ventures, partnerships, speaking and writing opportunities, presentations, asset sales, client leads and so on! You should make sure however that you are jumping on the right opportunities for your business and not just any one that comes along… They should align with your business goals, otherwise you may find yourself being stretched too thin and not really getting anywhere.

More Connections

You know that phrase; “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”? Well this is so true in business. If you want to be successful, you need to establish a source of relevant connections you can call on when you need them. Business networking really opens the door to speaking to highly influential people with whom you wouldn’t otherwise connect.


Interacting with like-minded business owners can help with that classic dilemma of a work-life balance. It’s also great as business events are a new avenue of advice and expertise that you probably wouldn’t have checked out. Just make sure your sources are reliable, and you’re not just gathering opinions!

Increases Confidence

business networkingBy attending regular networking events, or even virtual ones online, you’re pushing yourself to speak to people you don’t know. This is a big confidence builder and will help you and your business strive in the world. Your business growth is very dependent on talking to people and making connections. This is why networking is great for small local businesses that are just starting out as it really pushes them to grow and create connections with others.

We’ll make sure we give you an update in a few weeks as to how the Brainstorm Nerds got on at these events!