The awesomeness of the new Star Wars Trailer

So last night I was doing the usual boring weekday scroll through my news feed, and nothing interesting was going on. But as I refreshed, something appeared on my screen that made my heart skip a beat. The second theatrical trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens had been released… and it was a bit of an OMG moment. I’ve probably watched it about 10 times by now and the awesomeness of it all just grows every time I watch it. So you can only imagine how excited I and the rest of the Brainstorm team are for the actual film!

Personally I think this trailer will cause a bigger hype for the release of the film than the first trailer that was released a few months ago. Not that the first trailer wasn’t good. We got to see the Millennium Falcon and the new (controversial) lightsaber which was pretty neat, but then only flashes of the new characters. As much as the prospect of an ever growing Star Wars universe with new characters is exciting, what everyone is really excited for is to see the old characters again. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford might have aged since the last movies but how awesome will it be to see Luke Skywalker as a wise Jedi Knight, Leia as a feisty leader, perhaps a mother and Han Solo still kicking butt as a space pirate.

I’ve been a Star Wars geek for as long as I can remember and as a nineties kid I was introduced to Star Wars after the VHS re-release and collected hundreds of Pogs that came with Walkers Crisps(remember those?). I hid under my duvet during the Han Solo torture scene and I dragged my parents onto the Star Tours Disneyland ride. I watched Attack of the Clones on repeat as I had a big crush on Hayden Christeensen (embarrassing!) and my nickname in school was Skywalker. Not to mention I will always love the Princess Leia hairdo! So as a fan I understand how epic the new films will be but at the same time I love the fact that Star Wars can appeal to so many different people even if they aren’t big sci-fi fans.

I think there will be 4 types of viewers in the audience when Episode VII is released:

  1. The die-hard fans – They’ve been waiting for this since 1983 (not counting the prequels – sorry!)
  2. The story progression – The casual fans that just want to find out what has happened in the story and the life of the characters.
  3. The nostalgia fans – They remember enjoying it as kids and they want to relive that childhood memory.
  4. The new generation of fans – The kids that are now growing up with the Disney cartoons, getting into the films for the first time.

Within a 2-minute trailer they have managed to pack in so much material to keep nerds like me happy until Christmas. As Luke’s voice echoes a speech from Return of the Jedi we see a derelict Star Destroyer and Darth Vader’s melted helmet which sent shivers down the spine of the super fans as the fall of the Empire is obvious. Yet we see glimpses of a new villain along with new shinny Stormtroopers and I can imagine that several geeks are already designing their cosplay outfits. But the true proof of how amazing the Star Wars effect is was when Han Solo showed up and said ‘Chewie, we’re home.’ assumingly on board the Millennium Falcon. The love this bit between Solo and Chewbacca (who hasn’t aged a day) received on the Internet was massive as even the non-geeks appreciated how epic it was.

Needless to say there will be more posts about Star Wars in the future!

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