The Importance of Staff Outings

So if you’ve spent a solid 40 hours at work all week, do you really want to be forced on a staff outing for even more time with these people?! Well statistics show that regardless of the amount of time you spend in work each day, week, or month; happier co-workers are a result of spending time together outside of the working environment. Not only this, but companies with a high employee engagement level outside of work were found to have up to 10 times more sales and profits than those with lower external engagement.

staff-night-out (2)It might be worth mentioning to your boss next time he’s in a good mood, that staff outings are good not only for his employees, but also for the income of the company! And it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; yes, it’s great when your company funds a trip or launch night, but even a few drinks on a Friday evening in the local pub out of your own pocket is a great way to leave office stress and issues behind.

It’s important to have a break during office hours too, especially in a fast-moving or high-pressure environments. This is because the brain is a muscle and sure, while you’re at work you strengthen it, but it’s also important to give it a rest and let it recover! Research tends to suggest the majority of team members often get their best ideas while they are out of the office with time to breath and let go of worries. It also helps to break down barriers between the different hierarchy that sometimes occur in the office environment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEscaping the city and the hustle of too many things going on around you is also really important, (if you work in the country, well I guess this it doesn’t really apply to you!) It doesn’t have to be every week; that could get rather expensive! But maybe every couple of months or so, try to get a few of your co-workers together to do something different. Some examples other companies have experienced include; bi-monthly team drinks, karaoke evenings, paintballing, surfing lessons, even visiting a monster truck show! Some have even found late night brainstorming sessions have increased employees’ passions for the business and spurred on their creative ideas.

Download 2014So while not all of these ideas might be feasible, there are always things you can do as an ‘icebreaker’ to meet those new employees, or just get to know who you work with a little better. It might make working with them a little more bearable too! Here at Brainstorm, we’re lucky our nerds all have a passion with live music. So we’re at Download Festival in Donington this weekend, probably right as you’re reading this as we’ve left our work scheduled to post this live for us! (See, we told you we speak computer!) We’ll let you know next week in our review blog if our “work outing” was a success, or if this is all a load of rubbish and we now can’t stand the sight of one another!