Top Tips For Your Website

We love the job we do here, and we’re passionate about the work we achieve. But we thought we’d put together a small list of some of the key points we consider when we design you a website. Plus, when we’ve built it, you’ll be in control of updating it yourself, so these are some important points to remember!

ideas1. Keep it clean and clutter-free. The web is no exception to clutter; ads, banners, icons, add-ons, badges, signs etc. – it can all get a bit much! If you embrace things like flat design and white space it can really attract your customers and they won’t be put off by annoying adverts. Keep it simple with only the important content in the spotlight and keep your clients in mind; What do they want to see? Where do you want to direct them? Sometimes less really is more.

sites2. Check out your competitors’ sites. Deciding what you like and don’t like about websites that will be similar to yours allows you to have a vision of the type of website you’re after, and allows us to build it exactly how you want. Make a list of the types of features you really like the look of, and things you don’t want to see on your own website and it makes the whole design process go much faster. We can then do all the nerdy stuff and make it look just how you like!

phone importance 3. Consider how just how important a mobile site will be to your customers. You don’t want to miss out on business just because potential customers can’t access a mobile friendly version of your website. (Don’t worry, we’ll make you a tip top mobile site!) Plus, having a mobile friendly website helps make Google and other search engines aware of your presence; therefore you will be higher up on their page in search rankings.

4. Help us to help you. Be it with us here at Brainstorm, or any other web design company you may choose, make sure you keep your target audience in mind. For example, you want text that is easy to read, you want colours that work well together, and you want fonts and branding that are consistent across your whole business; be it the website, your business cards, maybe even van stickers! BE CONSISTENT!