Why you still need a website in 2015

Social media can be a great tool for any business to advertise and gain more customers; there is endless material available on how to plan a social media strategy to gain more business. While gaining likes and followers on your social pages can generate new leads and clients, many businesses are now bypassing having a website. These businesses are purely relying on social media for their online presence. Unfortunately this isn’t sufficient as many potential customers could be put off using their services because they don’t have a website.

A website acts as a business card for the Internet, as it gives any potential customers all the relevant information they need before purchasing a product or a service. A Facebook page doesn’t have the facilities to display this much information and so a customer would be eager to browse your website before making a decision.

Having a top-notch website can give you the edge on your competitors as you’re displaying a professional starting point to your customers. A successful business needs a fully functioning website to draw in customers just as much as it needs a regularly update social network.

If you still need some convincing, here are a few points on why a website is still beneficial for your business in 2015…

Searchable – Think about the web as a never-ending catalogue of companies and businesses; a customer can search for a product or service by typing a few terms into a search engine. To become a part of that catalogue you need to have a website so that customers can find you. Even though you can use search facilities within Facebook it can be restrictive.

Specific and Worldwide – By being a part of the World Wide Web you’re opening up your business to the worldwide market. There could be someone in America looking to purchase your Welsh slate coasters or a shopper in the UK looking for your authentic Canadian Maple Syrup. The more specific terms a user types into a search engine the smaller the pool of results become. You could soon become an International bestseller!

E-commerce – Would you consider actually selling your products through your website? An e-commerce site is easy to update so you would be able to display your newest products quickly. Not only would your online shop be open all day, every day but you could also reduce your business overheads. All the while you will also be expanding your business and supplying more customers.

Information 24/7 – Even though your social profiles will contain a few pieces of information about what your business provides, it might not be sufficient enough to answer your customers’ questions. Your website will contain all the relevant information 365 days of the year so that the customer can find exactly what they need. You will have dedicated sections and pages for specific information so that all the information will be easy to find.

Administration reduction – You may also see a reduction in basic telephone enquiries as your customers can access a lot more information on your website. Also you can include a contact form on your website, so if customers do have any more questions they will all be sent to you so they can be managed accordingly. All of this reduces hassle for your customers and saves you time and energy.

Promote your Portfolio – Your website is the optimum place to display your past projects and post customer testimonials. With dedicated pages you can go into detail and describe certain aspects of your bigger projects and you can also display any recommendations that previous customers have given you. Again this is a great resource for any prospective customers as they would be eager to see examples of your products or services.

Space for a blog – Creating a blog for your business can be a great place to display your expertise and knowledge of your industry. As users are browsing the web they could stumble onto your blog and click through to purchase your services! Blogs are a clever way for your business to create new leads while also letting you unleash the talented writer inside.

Developing your brand – Your business’s brand is its identity and your website should be an extension of this. Your brand is integral and should consistently be shown throughout your website to create the best impression to your customers. A well designed website should reflect the promise of your brand and the quality of your products or services.

Personality – This doesn’t come across as much through the basic blue and white of social media pages. A skilled web designer can create memorable pages that reflect the style and character of your business. This might sound a bit silly but study the hidden meaning of colours as the scheme within your website can have different psychological effects! For instance red is a colour associated with strength and passion but can also be seen as aggressive. Choose colours that match well with your logo and products and that best reflects your business.

It’s yours! – As different trends in social media come and go your website will remain an integral part of your business. The fact that your business is taking the next step and having a website is a testament to its growth and success. Your business’s website belongs to you it’s your own little slice of the Internet!

So, as a successful business you do need to take care of your social media presence but not without forgetting a great website. An investment into a professional looking website is an investment into your business’s future.

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