Chances are you have found yourself on this page because you are have been thinking of ways to brand your business, or are looking at ways to re-brand. Well, you’ve found the right place.

Take a few moments to think about a few famous brands on the market place today - choose any you like! Then, take a sneaky peak online to see if they’re backed by a great website. They are, right? Of course they are, because in today’s ever increasing world of technology, this is what people are wanting to see and it’s becoming increasingly important to back a great brand with - you guessed it! - a great website.

Why? It’s your showcase for your name, it’s where perceptions of you, like it or not, as a business are generated and part of your reputation is built. The key to starting out with branding on the right foot is this; continuity.

Displaying a consistent look - achievable with unique, matching web, logo and graphic design throughout each of the pages on your website, with written content relevant to business needs/user friendly interface etc

Projecting a continuous style - again, this needs to be relevant to business needs, with a well planned and thought through design/colour scheme. Styles should be replicated on every page of the website, the business card, the letter head etc.

Delivering quality throughout - All branding should be delivered at the same quality, with the same style throughout. This is why it often damages a brand to share artwork creation with us and their in house “photoshop guy”.

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