PHP Developer


* Develop leading edge online software and systems, to the highest standard within the deadlines given to you.
* Keep up to date with current and future technologies.
* Speak in English to our client base, we do not allow geek speak outside of the office! Unless you are asked to of course...
* You’ll work directly within the Brainstorm Team, reporting to the managing director. You will also work on concepts, ideas and systems for new and existing customers.


* This position would suit a college leaver/post graduate.
* Experience developing PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML5 a must, must also be proficient with MySQL databases.
* Experience with Linux based web servers preferred.
* Must be able to use Photoshop and Illustrator in order to cut graphics from the design team down to their optimum size and weight.
* Being awesome at making coffee and tea wouldn't hurt either (and we know the old "make bad brews so nobody asks you again" trick, so dont try it!), as it is a shared responsibility throughout the office!

When you apply, we will send you a job demo. This may be a preset task, or it may be something live, that we actually need doing within the office. For this, we will agree a time to send over the brief and then time you to see how long it takes you, so please set aside a couple of hours. You also need to check things like spelling, spacing, capital letters etc. A job shouldn't take more than 1.5hrs-2hrs. It maybe helpful to look through our website to see previous jobs.

For a job demo please email us here.

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