Web Development

Web Development

Now this is where we really get to do our thing! As you’ve probably guessed by now if you’ve read any of our blurb, we’re coding Wizards - we even have wands tucked up our wizardy sleeves, we can perform all sorts of magic to produce the kind of websites you want - we draw the line at wearing pointy hats though. Except on Fridays - that’s dress up day for us. Anyhow, for those new to this web malarkey, web development is the art that glues everything together - well, technically speaking it isn’t an art at all - it’s everything to do with the non design aspects of building a website. For example, the coding. And that, our fine friends, is where we step right on in.

Our Coding Job Explained a Teeny Bit

Transforming a website from a blank piece of nothingness into either the simplest of static pages with plain text (easy peasy) or the most complex, all singing, all dancing website (takes some doing) will always require development of some kind. Basically, here at Brainstorm Creative Studio, we tell computers what to do in computer speak and it creates something fancy that looks real good on your website.

The 'code' looks like nothing comprehensible to people who have never seen it before, and indeed, people who have never seen it before are unlikely to be able to read it or understand its meaning, what it’s for or what it can do - that’s why we exist. We take the hassle out of you having to work it out for yourself because we do know how to code and we do know what this stuff does - we’ve been working with it for years…and years and years and years - in fact, we’re so fluent in coding, we could probably speak in it!

Don’t worry, our sales guys and gals are professionals at translating geek to English…

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