Web Hosting

Dynamic Bespoke Hosting

Brainstorm Hosting can tailor a hosting package for any business and any situation. Whether you need a 1 page website hosting account, or a full blown rack of dedicated servers, we can provide a solution - we’re clever like that see!

All of our hosting accounts can be fully managed and include 4 backups per day, which equals 28 backups per week, with a two week retention period totaling a mahoosive 56 backups to choose from if things go belly up, (which is highly unlikely anyway) so you can be sure your data is in the safest of hands! It’s safe…like a safe, inside a safe in a safe shop. Totally safe.

Website Hosting

All of our website hosting packages are scalable, so you will not pay for features you do not need. Utilising the industry leading Plesk software, managing basic functions such as email, FTP, and web applications could not be easier. If you understood what this lot meant, great - if you didn’t, feel free to give us a call and we’ll explain it over a cup of coffee!

Email Hosting

This generation’s world of business cannot thrive without reliable email services. Many business' even to this day are still relying on free services such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo, which not only looks unprofessional, but is also unreliable and offers you no control.

Brainstorms email hosting allows you to take advantage of your own URL ie. YOURNAME@YOURBUSINESS.COM, the security of our solid servers, and the flexibility to access your email from anything with an internet connection.

Reseller Hosting

Brainstorm Hosting can provide reseller services for the smaller web design companies out there.

Not only do we give you full control, you can also manage all of your clients from one control panel, making even the most repetitive of tasks quick and simple.

Set up your own packages

We do not dictate how you will bill/charge your clients, neither do we dictate what you are selling. We simple give you a chunk of one of our servers to sell however you wish. Obviously we do have limits to what can hosted (no naughty images please!), but generally we try not to impose any restrictions on our services.

Account addons / Up sells

Naturally, we are always interested in new and exciting features to offer our clients and resellers, so your product will always stay fresh as we add new releases to our Plesk.

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