Llaeth Y Llan

Llaeth Y Llan approached Brainstorm wanting a far more interactive bilingual web experience for their visitors.

Working within their existing branding guidelines, we designed and built them a highly engaging experience for their visitors. From the parallax homepage with multiple layers, through to the interactive #loveyourllan page which is directly hooked in to Instagram and allows them to run an interactive social media competition whenever they feel the need.

Other sections of the site include a recipe section, news and media, and history of their farm.

One particular feature that was a lot of fun to build was the interactive stockists map. LYL have a LOT of stockists all over the country, but we didn't just want to build any old boring map, so we integrated Google Maps with illustrations from their branding catalogue or famous landmarks throughout Wales, whilst also building a highly intuitive stockists finder. This is able to locate the nearest stockist to the user with one click of a button or via postcode. Give it a go, you'll see how good it really is!

It has been a very rewarding experience working with such a passionate company so connected with North Wales history.

As time goes by we continue to make additions to their site, so please check back whenever you can!

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